About the Owner

Working in the food and beverage industry since 2001, Cindy Fisher has experience in Retail and Foodservice Sales with a primary emphasis on brand marketing using product demos.  Her experience includes the following:

  • Ran the Jewel demo department for 6 years with Mass Connections under her maiden name of Cindy Haughton.

  • Booked demos at independent retailers in the Chicago area and assisted in the hiring and training of demo reps while working for Demos by Diane (now Custom Merchandising).

  • Managed a team of Hill’s Science Diet Pet Food Reps who performed demos in retail outlets while working for USMP.

  • Marketed specialty cheeses, deli meats, and high end crackers while performing in-store product demos for Cheese and Deli Sales Inc.

  • While serving as an Operations Manager for Adult Beverage Solutions from 9/2013 through 12/2015, Cindy helped expand this small liquor tasting company from approximately 30 reps to over 150 by doing the hiring, training, and scheduling of reps.  Additionally, she was responsible for the sales of co-op events with deli items and alcoholic beverage vendors .  Nothing beats a great “Wine and Cheese” or “Beer and Cheese” event!

  • Increased the number of demo staff in Illinois and Wisconsin from 2 people to over 50 while working as the National Sales Manager for Jaffa Salads.  This program sampled hummus, guacamole, and salsas.

  • BA in Telecommunications from Michigan State University & MBA in Marketing from DePaul University

Our Promise To You

  • We are committed to providing professional, and knowledgable Demonstrators every time!
  • Our Ambassadors will promote the product, price, placement, and promotional aspects of the product with the goal of influencing the consumer to purchase the product.
  • We will only schedule our representatives based on the requests of both the Vendor as well as the Retailer.  Feedback from the Retailer is used to schedule promotions during peak traffic periods in coordination with Vendor requirements.
  • To accomplish this, we ask for as much advance notice as possible in booking our events.  We want our clients to get the best reps each and every time so when possible we request a minimum 2 week notice
  • Along with our invoicing, the client will get copies of the Store Reports and any expense receipts for needed supplies.  This will include information on beginning and ending inventory levels, units sampled, units sold, number of consumer engagements, comments on the success of the event and overall customer feedback.
  • We promise to inform our vendors whenever areas of potential improvement are identified.
  • In addition, with Cindy Fisher’s Account Manager background she can assist in providing retailer suggestions in your targeted markets.
Customer Engagement

Product Placement

Brand Awareness

Our Purpose

Events 4 a Cause wants to make a difference through the work we do.

Whenever possible, a percentage of profits from our Demos, Tastings, and Special Events will be donated to a variety of predesignated charities.

As Special Events and Demos are completed, our donations will be updated here.






























“The best opportunity for our uplifting is the opportunity to give.”